About us - T and Ku

Ku watching the sunrise over The Annapurna Range, Nepal

                                         T at the palace in Leh, India

Hi! We are T and Ku. Well, actually our real names are Teresa and Sue, but our friends all call us T and Ku. Sue became known as Ku when we were in Hawaii and discovered that Ku is her name in Hawaiian (and incidentally is also a Hawaiian Goddess). Anyway she kind of liked it and it stuck.

Our passion is travelling. We try to travel cheaply and therefore for longer periods of time. However, we are not adverse to spending a night in a mid-price hotel when we feel the need to! We have many, many places to go and experiences to have, and the list seems to get longer instead of shorter, the more places we visit.

We love camping and hiking in deserts, forests and mountains. Nothing beats being in nature and being part of extraordinary landscapes. We also need our fix of cities......art galleries, museums, theatre, live music, restaurants and the buzz of the streets. New York and San Francisco are two of our favourite places in the world.

Between us we have been to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Spain, Greece, Israel, Gibraltar, Morocco, USA, Canada, Fiji Islands, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Jordan, Turkey, Peru, Mexico, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Seychelles, Tunisia and  Singapore.

Ku has worked in many jobs......in offices, as a dental nurse, a tennis teacher, a cleaner, backstage in the theatre and as a stringer of tennis rackets!  T has mainly worked in office management positions. Ku  worked out that on average, since she has been working, she has left work every six years to travel for a period of a few months to a year. We did our first year long round the world trip together in 2000. We then made the mistake of getting caught up in the rat race again until 2012 when we threw it all in, and headed of to India. This time we are determined not to be sucked into 'normality' again (if ever!) until we have completed our mission! We will have to work at times, to pay for our adventures, but will resist settling down full time. Incidentally, we are available for housesitting jobs in the Brighton area from May 2014!

We advocate long term travel to everyone, regardless of age and situation and hope that our blog may inspire people to 'get out there' and see the world. We don't believe that travel is 'running away from life', but running towards it. Admittedly, it's not for everyone, but if you have the slightest inclination towards long term travel, don't let the chance pass you by. Life is too short.